Zabludow: A Brief Account

Zabludow is a town which holds a lot of significance for the Jewish community. The people who lived in Zabludow suffered immensely due to the Nazi assault. Today not a single Jew lives in this town where once one of the most powerful Jewishcommunities existed. According to one record, only four native Jews of the town survived the holocaust.

The Zabludow town very much falls under the jurisdiction of Poland. Geographically the town lies near the Meletina River which itself lies in Bialystok. Historical records tell us that the first people who settled in the town existed 500 years ago. The town was once an economical hub of a Jewish community which was known for its resilience and ability to survive in harsh environment.

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What Really Happened?

During the World War 2 Germany under the reign of Adolf Hitler attacked Poland. After some initial resistance the polish army surrendered and Germany occupied the land in the year 1941. The Nazis burned down the town of Zabludow and developed a ghetto there. In this ghetto around 1800 polish Jews were kept in sub human conditions. On 2nd of November, 1942 the ghetto was closed and around 1400 Jews were sent to the 10th Cavalry camp which itself is located in Białystok. From the camp these 1400 Jews were sent to the Treblinka extermination camp. It was in this camp that the Jews were slaughtered to death. In a single day all 1400 Jews were killed.  The surviving Jews fled to different countries of the world including Argentina, America, Israel, Mexico and Canada.

A Historical Site

The Synagogue is more of a wooden structure and is considered as one of the oldest in the world. The architecture of the synagogue was exceptional and the overall building was beautiful. The major portion of the Synagogue was very high and containeda prayer hall. The prayer hall was very much in the center. The synagogue also contained a pavilion which is two-storey. The unique point about the synagogue is that it had been developed solely through wood and not a single nail was used for its construction. The Synagogue was considered as the symbol of Jewish destruction. The Synagogue was destroyed by the Nazis in the year 1942. Today not a trace of the Synagogue exist however there are some online forums from where one can find the images of the Synagogue. However most of the available images are made up and there is hardly any original picture of this great heritage

Everybody knows about the Holocaust and the destruction which it brought on the Jewish Community of the world. If one wants to see the true horror and if one wants to feel the terror that existed during those days then Zabludow is the place to go. It is a place where many Jews once lived however today one will hardly find any Jew in the area. Zabludow will always be remembered for the destruction which took place here.

This article was written by Zabludow

Hey! The beautiful, small town of Zabludow is situated along the Meletina River, 28 km from the city of Bialystok in northeastern Poland. The 2’400 residents of this town enjoy the tranquility and slow pace of live today and continue to treasure the rich history if this town.