Zabludow – History And Origins

Have you heard of Zabludow?

This small town on the Meletina River in the Bialystok County of Northeastern Poland has stood witness to the history of the world and has seen many atrocities committed against entire Jewish communities in the spate of the Holocaust. In this article we are going to take a look at the history and origins of Zabludow.


Zabludow has always been a predominantly Jewish town

Zabludow has always been a predominantly Jewish town. The Jews began to settle in the region towards the tail-end of the 15th century. For many decades after the initial settlement, the town was an important commercial center and the community there flourished under ample trade and commerce.


In 1660, Zabludow was occupied by the Russians, and this resulted in severe damage to the people living there. However, due to the combined efforts of the people of Zabludow the town soon recovered and continued on its path to prosperity. By the beginning of the 1900’s however, degrading economic conditions and lack of opportunities drove many families away from this town. In 1939 the town became a part of the erstwhile USSR.

Impact Of The Holocaust

Zabludow was occupied by the Nazis on 25th June 1941. During this time, most of the Jews left the town and headed for Bialystok. Those who remained had to face numerous hardships in Nazi Ghettos and Death Camps.

The Zabludow Synagogue

Zabludow wooden synagogue

No history of Zabludow can be complete without mentioning the legendary wooden synagogue of this town. Constructed in the first half of the 17th century, this wooden place of worship stood the test of time for centuries. At the time of the construction of the synagogue Zabludow was owned by the Radziwill family. The building was built by Janusz Radziwill. Legend has it that once a flock of birds beat their wings to put out the fire that had attacked this building. Sadly, when the Nazis occupied Zabludow, they burnt the entire structure to the ground.

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The Jews have perhaps been one of the most persecuted people in the history of the world, and those living in Zabludow have not been able to escape the wrath of war. Yet, even today, this town stands testament to the strength and resilience of a people who continued to survive against all odds. And the synagogue, though no longer physically present, remains a lighthouse for hope and humanity the world over.

This article was written by Zabludow

Hey! The beautiful, small town of Zabludow is situated along the Meletina River, 28 km from the city of Bialystok in northeastern Poland. The 2’400 residents of this town enjoy the tranquility and slow pace of live today and continue to treasure the rich history if this town.