Everything You Need To Know About The Lost Wooden Synagogue Of Zabludow

The oldest Jewish temple in Bialystock, Poland was a referent for all the believers in the region who came to it ever since its construction in 1638. After a lifelong of service and amazing attendance, the building was destroyed by the German occupation forces in 1941 during World War II. This is the story of a very important temple for the Jewish people.

The Wooden Synagogue

When the permission was given for the construction to start, the wooden synagogue of Zabludow was raised in little time. The construction process involved mostly wood and since it was first erected, it became a symbol of Jewish communion and closeness. For example, in 1645 Jewish people was judged at their own synagogue instead of the palace before the third call. This gave the opportunity to the Jewish people to rise up and put together a community joint by a common building, which was the synagogue of Zabludow.

According to common tales and late witnesses, the building was not hugely big, but it could hold all the needed people for ceremonies and shortly after its construction it become one of the most important places for Jewish people all around.

By the year 1897, almost 70% of the entire population of the village was Jewish. This takes relevance because it was the young Jewish textile workers of the region that started turning around to their employers in the search for better working conditions.

After World War I emigration, the Bolchevique Revolution and the beginning of World War II, the village suffered tremendous changes in population, customs and colors but the synagogue was still standing as a Jewish symbol in a world that was taken by assault by anti-Semitism in the hands of Hitler. Finally, on June 26th, 1941, German occupation forces finally made it through the streets and incinerated the building. It was a way of showing supremacy over a defeated town like the Jewish one. The lost Wooden Synagogue of Zabludow was lost and almost 1,400 Jews were sent to concentration camps and lost too.

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The scars that the German invasion left in Poland are visible everywhere, especially in Bialystock, where Jewish presence was almost completely erased from the map. Although scars are deep, Jewish believers are strong and the myth of The Lost Wooden Synagogue of Zabludow will continue to give hope to many more in years to come.

This article was written by Zabludow

Hey! The beautiful, small town of Zabludow is situated along the Meletina River, 28 km from the city of Bialystok in northeastern Poland. The 2’400 residents of this town enjoy the tranquility and slow pace of live today and continue to treasure the rich history if this town.